Research Projects

Present Research Projects

Player Preference Types for Artistic Experiences in Games
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Research Goal: 

  • Development of player preference type classification system for the artistic experience of the game.
  • Collecting artistic experience data of games
  • Classification of player preference type for artistic experience of the game
  • Analysis of the characteristics of each type of game's artistic experience preference:
  • Analysis of characteristics by type through analysis of the subjective context, psychological value, and game activity pattern of experience.

Research Method: 

  • Using Q-methodology and conduct surveys to classify artistic experience preferences
  • Conduct Gameplay Workshops to validate typology 

Members: Young Yim Doh, Seyeon Lee, Karam Eum, Valérie Erb, Seokjun Kang, Jaejun Lee, Ain Lee, Pooseung Sean Koh

Timeline: 2020.08.05 - 2022.12.31

Partners: Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) | Funding:  Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)

Towards Inclusive Digital Museum Innovation
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Research Goal: 

  • Explore inclusive and ethical approaches to the digital transformation of arts and heritage organizations.
  • Seek to help global museums improve their understanding of the radically changing field of digital culture and digital leisure in a post-pandemic society where digital becomes the default
  • Explore ways to create a sustainable future for the digital economy and creative industry.
  • Act as a springboard for further international collaborative research towards prototypes of gamified, inclusive digital museums.

Research Method: 

  • Host workshops and network events to broaden understanding of issues surrounding digital inclusivity in museums
  • Investigate and create specific solutions with museum partners

Members: Moussouri Theano, Young Yim Doh, Junghwa Kim, Juhee Park, Seyeon Lee, Pavey Ellen, Cecilia Rafie, Chenxing Zhao, Karam Eum, Pooseung Sean Koh

Timeline: 2022.02.12 - 2023.07

Partners: University College of London, National Folk Museum of Korea, National Library of Korea, Nam June Paik Art Center, Science Museum(London), British Library, V&A Museum | Funding:  UK Economic Social Research Council



Accessibility and Rehabilitation Through Games
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Research Goal: 

  • Investigate how youth with Cerebral Palsy perceive the relationship between playing video games and their social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Understand What youth with Cerebral Palsy want to experience from future video games.
  • Provide insights on beneficial video game play experience to other families of the youth with Cerebral Palsy

Research Method: 

  • Qualitative Research focused on in-depth participant interviews
  • Hosting Gameplay Workshops 

Members: Young Yim Doh, Seyeon Lee, Karam Eum

Timeline: 2021.04. 01 - 2021.10.15

Partners: National Rehabilitation Center | Funding: National Rehabilitation Center

Link: 게임 보조기기 개발 및 활용 매뉴얼 ´누구나 게임 할 수 있다´ 내용보기 | 국립재활원 

Expanding Mobile Game IPs through MZ Generation Player Community
+ -

Research Goal: 

  • Identify what in-game features or systems lead to MZ player community activity and what experience do players have from those activities
  • Identify the link between high MZ player community activity and the success of a video game IP

Research Method: 

  • Qualitative Research with data crawling of player communities
  • Conversation analysis of indepth player interviews
  • Focus group Interview Workshops

Members: Young Yim Doh, Seyeon Lee, Karam Eum, Seokjun Kang, Pooseung Sean Koh

Timeline: 2021.09.01 - 2021.02.25

Partners: NCSoft | Funding: NCSoft



Investigating Success Factors for Global Game IPs
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Research Goal: 

  • Analyze success factors of globally successful Game IPs
  • Discover methods for creation of future globally successful game IPs

Research Method: 

  • Classify Globally Successful Game IPs
  • Data gathering and pattern searching
  • Analyze characteristics through qualitative data analysis of user reviews

Members: Young Yim Doh, Seyeon Lee, Karam Eum, Seokjun Kang, Valérie Erb

Timeline: 2020.12.01 - 2021.03.18

Partners: NCSoft | Funding:  NCSoft


Development of Senior Game Play Support Technology and Game Service Model
+ -

Research Goal: 

  • Based on user-centered approach, conduct “Intergenerational Gameplay Workshop” to analyze game experience of middle-aged and older adults
  • Develop a game literacy education program for middle-aged and older adults 
  • Study how to promote intergenerational communication through digital games
  • Operation of “Intergenerational Participatory Design Workshop” to develop intergenerational game prototypes
  • Evaluation of senior game play supporting technology by experiment to measure game experience of middle-aged and older adults
  • Development of game design guides for adults in their 50s and older

Research Method:

  • Living Lab approach and action research
  • Qualitative analysis of participants' conversation/interviews/dairies
  • Quantitative Analysis of Survey Data

Members: Byungjoo Lee, Young Yim Doh, Kyung Myun Lee, Junyoung Shin, Minseok Do, Injung Lee, Seyeon Lee, Seokbeom Park, Hajun Kim, Taeeun Kim, Hyunwook Lee, Hae in Kim, Jongchang Park, Kyunghyun Lee, Hyuna Cho, Hyunyoung Oh

Timeline: 2019.04.01 - 2021.12.31

Partners: Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA), Yes La(Yonsei University), Music & Brain Research Lab(KAIST), Heartverse, Careyou | Funding:  Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)

Game Culture Awareness Big Data Research
+ -

Research Goal:

  • Address the bias of games research in Korea in an overtly negative light.
  • Provide data and research framework by approaching games from a socio-cultural perspective.

Research Method:

  • Data crawling of comments and reviews from game news of both Naver news articles and online gaming communities and websites
  • Analyze data to find key themes and compare and contrast
  • Data crawl both Korean and English reviews of games from Steam and analyze differences

Members: Young Yim Doh, Seyeon Lee, Kiseul Suh

Timeline: 2019.08.01 - 2019.11.30

Partners: Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) | Funding:  Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)

Link: 한국콘텐츠진흥원 (


Games Design Workshop for Reflecting Values in Games
+ -

Research Goal: 

  • Assist game designers and developers in finding what they value
  • Provide insight in how their games can reflect their values
  • Conduct a game design workshop analyzing "serious games"

Research Method: 

  • Conduct a workshop analyzing previous games that reflected societal values
  • Evaluate qualitative data and analyze key themes and discussion points that came up during workshop

Members: Young Yim Doh, Jaehoon Moon, Napat Wongchurairat

Timeline:  2018.05.01-2018.08.30

Partners: NCSoft | Funding:  NCSoft