For Those Who Wish To Apply
  • Our lab focuses on understanding players from a psychological perspective. We are not oriented towards hardware or software development.
  • Having an interest in human-oriented research is preferred.
  • You will be a good fit for our lab if you are:
    • Passionate for digital games, has a positive attitude towards game players, and is able to logically analyze one’s own gameplay experiences.
    • Enjoys listening to other players’ experiences.
    • Sensitive to various social problems and how games can affect these issues.
    • Open to perspectives different from his or her own background.
    • Expertise in game design, psychology, media communication, computer science, art, etc. will be helpful as they all overlap with our research interests.
  • Class/Book Recommendation
    • Take a Introduction to Psychology Class or Read a Textbook for Introduction to Psychology.
    • Read a Textbook for research methodology (ex. Schweigert, W. A. (2021). Research methods in psychology: A handbook. Waveland Press.).

A Note for Foreign Students Who Wish To Apply
  • In case of foreign students, please inform us of your funding for living expenses and Korean language expertise.
    • We require TOPIK 5 or higher for Korean language expertise. This is because our research often requires studying Korean players and their gameplay contexts. You may have to interview in Korean or study player data written in Korean. This requires understanding what it means to live as players in Korea, and it is crucial to speak fluent Korean. 
    • In addition, we ask foreign students to secure funding before applying. This is to ensure that they can focus on their research without having to worry about their minimum expense of studying abroad. We recommend applying for scholarships such as Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) or Fullbright scholarship.

Recruitment Procedure

To apply send an email to with the below files and we will reply within 1-2 weeks.

  1.  Required Files
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Research plan within one page 1
    • Transcript
    • Future plan
    • Favorite game(s) and why
  2.  Interview 
    • Based on the evaluation of your documents we will schedule a virtual interview for 30 minutes where applicants can meet the professor and all lab members and have a Q&A session